dpa_STUDIOEstablished in 2010, (dp)ª STUDIO is a practice based in Bari, Italy. It believes in the central role of civil architecture and attention to detail and strategic thinking. (dp)ª STUDIO is focused on project building, research and publishing.
Wins Architettura e Cultura Urbana award in 2014 (Camerino), wins Archilovers honorable mention in In/Arch-Ance Puglia 2014 , wins best young architect mention in In/Arch-Ance Puglia 2014. Drawing exhibition at Deutsches Architekturmuseum in Frankfurt in 2013 and a personal drawing exhibition in 2013 at Castello Normanno-Svevo in Bari.
(dp)ª STUDIO participates to international competitions and publishes its works on architectural magazines and online architectural periodicals.

domenico pastore
Visiting professor at Politecnico di Bari | PhD in Architectural Representation and Visualization at Politecnico di Bari | Graduated at Università degli Studi di Firenze

luca bifone
chief project architect
Graduated at Politecnico di Bari

tiziano de venuto
PhD student at Politecnico di Bari

vito quadrato
PhD student at Politecnico di Bari/Università RomaTRE

giuseppe resta
PhD architect

francesca sisci
Graduated at Politecnico di Bari

giuseppe tupputi
PhD student at Politecnico di Bari/Università RomaTRE

Formerly of (dp)ªSTUDIO
Mustafa Topkaç, Ismail Iscan, Eliana de Candia, Marilena Picci, Francesco Cardone, Davide Bertugno, Antonia Volpone, Francesca Oliva, Marilena Cici.